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Our very experienced team works together with your people to implement measurable and sustainable results!
Step 1



During a short period (depending on the complexity) our team analyses the current situation, defines gaps, and understands the issues and the contributing factors. At the end of this phase we present you a complete implementation plan with potential savings.

Step 2



During the implementation phase we facilitate and manage projects to improve your operations.  These projects have a clearly defined goal (EBITDA, Cash Flow) and timing and we embrace Creativity before Investments. While improving your business we transfer our knowledge and tools to your organization.

Step 3



We are insuring the improvements by transferring knowledge, employee involvement, training and coaching throughout your organization and improving your Management Process tools.


If needed we help you create an OPS - Operations Performance System - with focus on Standard Work, Visual Management, Daily Accountability and Discipline. This will ensure a synergy between your Operations and your Financials goals.

Tools Used

Lean - Lead Time Reduction by waste elimination of processes and procedures


Six Sigma - Variability reduction of products and processes


VaVe - Improving Value of products and procedures


These complimentary improvement tools work with cross functional teams, are fact based decision making, need management commitment and improve the top and bottom line of your company

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